The Secret Garden Art Novel by Bond & Grace

I am beyond excited to share The Secret Garden Art Novel by Bond & Grace. Upon first glance, you will realize that this is not just any ordinary coffee table book. From the protective clamshell box it arrives in, to the thoughtful little details like foil embossing and a vegan leather spine, it is immediately apparent that this book is something very special. Simply turn to the first page and you are immediately transported to The Secret Garden.

What makes this Art Novel so unique is that it is truly an experience; unlike any other novel or coffee table book, The Secret Garden Art Novel by Bond & Grace merges literature, original fine art, and scholarly commentary into one beautiful work of art. The classic original text from the novel we all love, The Secret Garden, is brought to life with images of original art from 12 diverse artists and annotations from 3 Ph.D. scholars.

While there is certainly beauty in and behind every page of this Art Novel, there is another beautiful layer that becomes apparent when you jump in and immerse yourself in the Art Novel experience. The commentary and artwork both challenge you to reflect and rediscover the classic narrative of The Secret Garden. The Art Novel is an acknowledgment that just as we all continue to grow and evolve, we need to let the classics evolve with us.

All of the original artwork featured in the Art Novel is available for purchase here. And for more information on The Secret Garden Art Novel by Bond & Grace, be sure to explore the Bond & Grace website.


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